Elevate your surroundings with the mesmerizing radiance of Neon Lights AU from Unrivaled Neon. Crafted with precision, our neon lights not only illuminate your space with vibrant hues but also embody a touch of local craftsmanship. Choose from our diverse collection, embracing the enchanting glow that effortlessly transforms any environment into a luminous spectacle.



Neon lights au - australia

Welcome to Unrivaled Neon, where the vibrant glow of neon lights meets the beauty of the Australian landscape! Dive into the world of luminescence and style with our exclusive collection of neon lights AU, crafted to add a touch of brilliance to your surroundings.

Add a touch of glow with Neon Lights AU

Unveiling the Brilliance of Neon Lights AU

Light Up Your Aussie Vibes

Elevate your space with the pulsating energy of neon lights AU. Our handcrafted luminous masterpieces bring a touch of the iconic Australian spirit right into your home or business.

Dazzling Diversity

At Unrivaled Neon, we take pride in offering an extensive range of neon lights AU that suits every taste and preference. From vibrant hues to custom designs, we've got the perfect glow to match your style.

Illuminate with Neon Lights AU: brilliance in every glow!







Once you've submitted the form, one of our top designers will get in touch with you to prepare a mockup and quote free of charge.





Based on 1861 reviews
Custom Neon
Kerry B

So impressed with the Unrivaled Team...I had purchased 2x custom neon sign from Unrivaled...One for my business and another as a gift to my cousin...Through out the whole process, they informed me every step of the way with how my neon sign was going...Everything from the acrylic board to test runs to make sure it worked well...Their team is definitely one of the most thorough I've ever dealt with and it was so nice knowing how much care and time was going into creating my neon piece.

Very prompt delivery. Purchased neons from Unrivaled. Product arrives within 2 weeks. Was well packaged and crafted beautifully.

We made this neon purchase during the July sale and so happy we found Unrivaled. This neon sign is used for our home gym and has given us loads of inspiration over the past couple months. My gym has been transformed into a motivating space and it's all thanks to this neon sign.

Custom Neon
Adam P

Great service from friendly staff that made the whole process of customizing a neon sign easy breezy. 10/10 would purchase again. 5 stars for quality and 5 stars for the service.

Such a pleasure to have this neon sign lighting up my space. Simply beautiful! Highly recommended.

Custom Neon
Stephanie W

Jo was very helpful. She did an amazing job with assisting me with my new neon sign. Never pushy and listened to exactly what I was after and helped me make the best choices for my sign selection. Highly recommend Jo and the rest of the Unrivaled team. Thank you so much!

purchased this emoji from unrivaled and timeframe is spot on. delivery was quick and very easy to hang and set up. looks amazing and creates such a nice ambiance in my room. very very impressed. have also purchased custom neons from them for my wedding and very happy wtih my purchases and delivery time.

Custom Neon
Julina W

Five stars - Highly recommend! SO so HAPPY with how our neon looks!!!! The packaging was quite sturdy too which was my intial concern. When the neon arrived, it was safely packaged and arrived all in one piece. Very very happy with everything and can't wait to order another!

Excellent customer experience. When I reached out to Unrivaled, the staff was so nice. Jo felt like a forever friend that really wanted to ensure I had the best experience. Jo was friendly and helpful and assisted me in choosing this emoji neon sign for my daughter's bday prezzy.

Custom Neon
Brett O

Very impressed with the efficient service, quote and mock-up from the team. Neon arrived on time for our wedding and we're over the moon with it!

Exactly just like the pics - Jo was very helpful in answering all of my queries. Super happy about how it turned out.

High level of service and quality neon products. Would purchase again. No issues after 3 months of using it so far.

Amazing products and great service. We added this neon to our play room for our two kids and it's made the mood of the room so much more appealing. Highly reommended!!!

Custom Neon
Greg L

Highly recommend this neon company. The service we received from the team was 10 out of 10. From the online support , fast responses to the recommendations through out the past few weeks has been nothing but exceptional!

A wonderful experience and the neon signs look fantastic!

Custom Neon
Nick A

Fantastic service! The service and support from unr neons and in particular our consultant, Jo, was top tier. Despite the number of changes I made to our design, Jo was patient and very thorough in the whole design progress. I always felt like Jo and the company was very supportive and helpful.

This week I finally had the chance to hang my devil emoji neon sign and my gosh..it looks WICKED! Big thank you to the neon team for making this masterpiece.

Unrivaled is great. I paid additional for the priority orer and it arrived on time. It was very easy to install, saving me alot of time and the neon was very well made. I know they're not neon signs, they're made of LED neon so I'm quite happy that it's not easily breakable. Happy customers , plan to order more very soon.

First time I've used unrivaled and they've been AMAZING!!!! Superb packaging and efficient in getting my neon done for my 30th celebration. They did exactly what they said they would do and everyone was taking photos with the sign all night.

Custom Neon
Darren C

Fast, reliable and great communication. Pricing was quite good, bet some of the other suppliers I was looking at.

Thank you. It's gorgeous. Used for our kitchen.

Received our neon and been using it for about a week. It's wonderful and so cute to look at, received many compliments from fam and friends, would definitely buy another without hesitation. xx

Custom Neon
Tanie L

Very happy with how our neon turned out. Top quality service and quality neons. We've just opened a cafe and Unrivaled was mentioned to us by some friends. Highly recommend!

Great last minute gift idea...will be using this for many friends in the future. ty

Fuss free and super easy to use! Reasonable price for a lovely neon. Online support is very helpful and easy to deal with. Received my neon in less than 2 weeks, overall I am over the moon with my neon experience.

Why Choose Neon Lights AU from Unrivaled Neon?

Amazing Craftsmanship

Our neon lights are not just lights; they are meticulously crafted pieces of art.

Unmatched Quality

Experience the brilliance that lasts! Our neon lights AU are built with precision and durability in mind, ensuring that your space remains illuminated with a touch of magic for years to come.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Stand out from the crowd with personalized neon lights. Add a dash of your personality to your space by customizing your neon lights AU – the perfect way to make a statement that reflects your uniqueness.

Energy-Efficient Elegance

Not only are our neon lights AU visually stunning, but they're also energy-efficient. Illuminate your space with the environmentally friendly glow of neon, bringing style and sustainability together.

The Benefits of Neon Lights AU

Mood-Boosting Magic

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance created by our neon lights. Studies show that the warm glow of neon has the power to elevate moods and create a positive atmosphere in any setting.

Unparalleled Versatility

From home decor to business signage, our neon lights AU seamlessly blend into various settings, offering a versatile solution to illuminate your life in style.

Endless Photo Opportunities

Capture the magic with Instagram-worthy moments! Our neon lights AU provide the perfect backdrop for social media-worthy photos, elevating your online presence with a touch of luminous flair.